Kustom Defender 5H Mods

 Let me turn your Kustom Defender 5H into a really fantastic sounding amp! I did these mods to my personal Defender 5H, and have had many request to complete these same mods for others. 

For the Defender 5H, I will complete the following mods:
  • Replace the stock output transformer with a U.S. built Magnetic Components Classic Tone output transformer, which is a paper layer wound OT, like vintage Fender amps used. Also, this lines up perfectly with the original transformer mounting holes.
  • Add a Tone control 
  • Add a Master Volume
  • Add a standby switch
  • Change stock caps to Sprague Orange Drop caps
  • Replace stock output transformer with a Magnetic Components Classic Tone output transformer
All the mods listed above, for only $99! Take this amp to a whole new level!

If you haven't purchased one of these amps and want to buy it to mod, I can save you money on shipping . I will purchase this amp locally ($99.99), this way you will only pay shipping to you from my shop once the mods are complete. The amp is $99.99 + tax ($107.99) and the mods are also $99.

To arrange for the mods to be done- email me: gabepedals |at| gmail |dot| com

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  1. Great sound. Easy to install. Turn the amp into a war machine.